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  • Livraria e Editora Scriptum Rua Fernandes Tourinho, 99, Belo Horizonte (MG)

Metals continues in the tradition of the 'Materials' series by bringing to peopleÆs attention a range of inspirational products and materials that challenge the boundaries of traditional application. It will include both everyday and familiar products and those that are new, exciting and unexpected.

Hugely visual and easily Metals introduces each application with authorial comment as well as interviews with the designers and manufacturers. Examples are featured from the areas of packaging, product design, and architecture. This is coupled with detailed technical specification tables, an internal index which points the way to linked pages of interest, as well as an extended glossary and resources section, for more in-depth study.

Acclaim for the Materials for Inspirational Design series
... which also includes WoodGlassCeramics and Plastic

"The books have a clean look with white space and big beautiful imagery. For this type of reference book it's perfect. The accessible layout encourages even a layperson to find out what kaleidoscope glass, new form plastic or Bendywood can do." Blueprint