Do it yourself! The 500 images presented in this book look fab on paper, but the true three-dimensional fun begins when you pop the included CD-ROMs into your computer. All of the images featured in the book are provided on the CDs as pictures and as 3D models in 3DS format (the universal format for 3D files) so that you, dear reader, can experiment with them in any way you wish. If you aren't already experienced in working with 3D, not to fear - we've also included a demo version of 3D manipulation software so you can teach yourself how to rotate the images, incorporate the included textures, and mix them with your choice of backgrounds. Once you've compiled your own 3D creation, you can use it for Flash animations, graphic design, architecture, interior design, logos, signboards, information graphics, typography, or anything else your heart desires.

Each entry in the book includes:

* the rendered image

* texture examples and the number of textures

* where to find the 3D model on the CD and its quality in polygons

* the image resolution

* a short description

* wireframe image

CDs include:

* Demonstration version of Swift3D software (Windows and Macintosh compatible)

* 500 images and standard resolution 3D models with respective masks, shadow channels, and textures; as an extra bonus, 40 super high polygon models are included. (If purchased separately, these 3D models provided on these CDs would cost over $2000!)

Introduction by German 3D expert Wenzel Spingler, one of the leading professionals working with virtual environments for hyper realistic digital illustration. Models by Spanish model maker De Espona, one of Europe's leading companies in this field.